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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Various Types of Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories

The equipments which are used in extinguishing fires are known as Fire Fighting Equipment. Firefighters with the help of these equipments prevent loss or destruction of life, property and other objects of the environment. The firefighters are experts in general firefighting techniques and possess high technical skills. The firefighters with the support of the Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories help out the common people from fire breakouts and natural calamities with Super Safety Services. Some of these equipments include -  

Head protection

Different types of helmets have been used by firefighters as head protection since years. The helmets protect the rescuers from heat, falling objects and cinders. Traditionally leather was used to make these helmets but now the metals like aluminum, nickel and brass are used instead. The composite helmets are made of plastics or lightweight polymers. The modern structural helmets consist of a face shield which is attached to the front of the helmet and at the rear of the helmet there is a brim which is longer. These helmets are made of composite materials or thermoplastics which is much lighter than the traditional leather helmets. The modern helmet of a firefighter is the F1 helmet which provides protection against fires, impact and electricity. The F1 helmets are made of synthetic materials which are covered with galvanized nickel. These helmets are handmade and can include communication systems, masks and other accessories.  

Fire hose

A high pressure hose used for carrying fire retardants like water or foam to extinguish fires is known as a fire hose. The fire hose in the outdoors is attached to the fire hydrant or fire engine and in the indoors it is attached to the plumbing system or stand-pipes that are attached to the building. Formerly natural fiber like cotton was used to make fire hoses but the modern hoses are made of synthetic fiber like nylon filament or polyester. The synthetic fibers offer the hoses with the properties like abrasion resistance and additional strength. The fibers can be left in their natural tone or can be dyed with various colors. Synthetic rubbers are used to provide liners and coatings which offer resistance to temperature, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, mildew, mold and abrasion. For specific applications different liners and coatings are chosen for these hoses. The hoses are of various types which include attack hose, forestry hose, relay and supply hoses, suction hose and booster hose.  

Turntable ladder

Turntable ladders are specialized aerial apparatus which are used to capture fire occurring at a height. These are large telescopic ladders that are efficient to access great heights where the conventional ladders are unable to reach. The ladders is placed on the back of the truck chassis. These ladders are mounted on a turntable that offers with a stable base around a pivot and allows achieving great ladders length. These ladders are pneumatic or hydraulic and being telescopic these help in increasing length. These ladders offer a high level of water point for rescuing. The working platform offered by it is used for overhaul or ventilation. All types of equipments used to prevent fire are available online. Organizations interested can browse through the internet to directly avail these products from the manufacturers.

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