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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Visit us more about Respiratory Protective Equipment by Super safety services that help to protect your body.

Gas / Vapour Protection Half Mask  Dust / Fume Respirator  Fume Mask  Metti Cloth Mask

Pleated Mask  Emergency Oxygen Kits  Harness Belt  Elastic Cup Mask

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Eye Protection Goggles

Eyes, the beholder of beauty, are often exposed to different external harshness. Eyes are the important part of body. Hence, we should take care of our Eyes while working. Protection Goggles for Eyes are the equipments that we should use while working in some industrial applications. Best Eye Protection Goggles can be taken as a major shield against the external threat which poses a serious danger to the delicate eyes. The primary use of the eye protection goggles is to protect the retina from the harsh and harmful rays. Paying heed to its other uses, the other external threats like dust insects etc. are also tackled by these safety eyewears .Thus, it plays a vital role in protecting the eyes.

Several external factors actively and passively harm the delicate retina, which causes different kinds of eye problems in the longer run. It is possible to protect the eyes from these external agents with the help of goggles. Working in mines and drilling activities expose eyes to dust particles. These particles often become the reason for various eye problems like eye irritations and infections .Thus choosing a proper eyewear is mandatory for those who are working in mines and the factory units. Handling radioactive materials demands proper precautionary measure, especially for eyes. The laser treatment and other therapies which employ the use of rays, poses an acute threat to eyes, of both the patient and the one who handles it. Thus wearing a proper eyewear is a must in order to escape the harmful beta and alpha rays. Thus in an era of technological advancement, eyes are in need of goggles which fights back all external threats.

There are several types of Best Eye Protection Goggles for different industries. Some of these Goggles include: Furnace Goggles, Heat Resistance Goggles, Punk Type Goggles, Welding Goggles etc.
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Industrial Heat Protection Garments & Accessories

We offers high quality fire resistant Industrial Heat Protection Garments & Accessories. These items of heat protective garments are manufactured from, Aluminized Silica Fabric, Thermal Insulation Fabric, Moisture Barrier Lining & Fire Retardant Fabric Lining and Woolen Lining. Application: Ideal for its use where the high heat and radiant heat protection is required. Designs for short duration ambient heat 1500 oF (815 C), Radiant heat to 3000 oF (1650 C) and total flame 2000 oF (1093 C). All these garments are stitched using the superior quality 4 Ply Kevlar thread of DUPONT make, USA.

Head Protection Equipment

Visit Us for high quality Head Protection Equipment, we are largest suppliers & manufacturers of Head Protection Helmets from India 




Sunday, May 19, 2013

About Us


Super Safety Services, established in the year 1988, has since then grown consistently and has transformed into a fast-growing family-owned organization managed professionally but still retaining its family values of fairness in all transactions with its stakeholders. We have emerged as a leading manufacturer, dealer and exporter of a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Safety Equipment and other Safety Products, available under the brand name SOLE SAFE. We specialize in Industrial Heat Protective Garments and Accessories, Fall Protection Products and Industrial Safety Shower Systems.......more


We, at Super Safety Services, visualize our organization pursue the path of continuous improvement and evolution, through individual and collective excellence, as  a huge wealth-creator, highly respected and responsible corporate citizen offering a complete portfolio of Safety Products, Accessories, Systems, Solutions and allied Services to it's customers world-wide in a seamlessly integrated fashion by using latest technologies in combination with our broad knowledge-base and vast industry experience, ......

Mission for the decade (2011-2020)

Since inception in 1988, we have come a long way and have achieved commendable successes in various aspects of our business, and now, to continue as envisioned by our founders, we, at Super Safety Services, set forth an ambitious goal for ourselves of catapulting our company into a higher-growth trajectory towards achievement of another major milestone of earning.........

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