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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ear Protection Devices safeguard the ear from external injuries

Ears are an important part of human body as they work as the receptors of the sound from outside. Apart from helping in listening to sounds and noises, they also maintain the body’s balance and so are to be protected at any cost from external injuries. Over the last few years a large number of Ear Protection Devices have been introduced in the market and buyers can take the opportunity to choose their desired product from a wide range of options. There are mainly two types of ear protective units that are used nowadays— earplugs and earmuffs.


Earplugs are designed to fit right into the ear canal and so are smaller in size. They do not interfere with the external appearance with the ear and are kept hidden in the canal. The main aim of using earplugs is to protect the ear from jets of water, dust, foreign bodies and loud noise. These earplugs are available in different shapes and styles and it is also possible to custom design these products, though customized earplugs are a bit costly. These earplugs can be made either of foam or of silicon though their function remains the same.


Earmuffs are specially designed to protect both the external and well as the internal parts of the ears. These devices are generally larger in size as they are designed to protect the whole ear. Thermal earmuffs are used to keep chilling wind from entering the ear canal, thus keeping the body warm and acoustic earmuffs are used to protect the ear drums from excessive noise. However, the usage guideline of acoustic earmuffs is entirely dependent on the level of noise they are designed to be used in. Generally steady and prolonged exposure to extreme noises above 85db(A) is not recommended even with earmuffs on.

Ear Protection Devices is not hard nowadays as there are a large number of companies that are involved in the manufacturing of these equipments. The best way to buy these products is through online shopping and buyers can easily place an order over the internet to get the products delivered right to their doorstep. However, in order to buy custom made earplugs, clients need to contact a manufacturer in person and prescribe the desired size and design of the product. It is to be kept in mind that these devices play an important role in protecting the ears and so buyers need to check the authenticity of the products before making a purchase.

Product Features:

  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Excellent sound block
  • Easy to clean

If You want know more about our products, please visit us here:  Ear Protection Devices
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Body Protection Suits are essential in industrial sectors

With the steady expansion of industrial sectors safety in industrial operations has become more important than ever. It is to be kept in mind that the Body Protection Suits help protect the body from different industrial hazards including chemicals, oil and grease. These suits are available in different colors and sizes depending on the desired use. The main advantage of using these suits is that the body as well as the clothes of the industrial workers are perfectly protected from external hazards, no matter what the workers are working with.


There are different types of body protection suits available in the market. These suits are specially used in the oil and chemical industry where there is a high chance of hazardous spillage over the body of the workers. Apart from this another important use of these suits is found in firefighting where firefighters wear a special type of fire resistant jacket that helps them withstand extreme heat. Police and other law enforcement personnel also use special protection suits in order to protect themselves from incoming bullets, fragments and other hazards. However, it is to be kept in mind that these suits are to be maintained properly if they have to deliver the desired performance for a long time.

Materials used

Different types of
Body Protection Suits are made of different materials that are carefully chosen according to the proposed use of the suits. Protection suits that are used in the oil and chemical industry are generally made of a tough and coarse fabric in order to resist frequent wear and tear. Suits used by firefighters, on the other hand, contain fire resistant materials that keep them away from getting burnt. Suits used by police contain a special fabric as well as steel chains that are capable of protecting the body from bullets and flying hazards.

There are many companies that are involved in the manufacturing and supply of these products all over the world. Anyone who wants to buy such a suit can contact these companies and place an order. It is also possible to place an online order nowadays as most of the companies have their official websites where clients can get a clear idea of the products on sale. However, it is important to judge the quality of the materials before making a purchase and taking the help of an expert professional in this regard is always a good idea.

Features of our Body Protection Suits
  • Resistant to penetration
  • High temperature resistant
  • Excellent border stitching
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wash
If You want know more about our products, please visit us here: Body Protection Suits
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Industrial Safety Shoes help keep hazards away

The issue of industrial safety cannot be undermined, especially in a world that is entirely dependent on machines. Research studies show that the majority of the deaths caused during industrial operations are due to either lack of knowledge or excessive ignorance on the part of the industrial workers. Over the last few years, several industrial safety equipments have been developed in order to make industrial operations easier and less prone to hazards. Industrial Safety Shoes, nowadays, are widely used across the globe and have become one of the most important safety equipments in the industrial sector.

Protection against hazards

The main advantage of using these shoes is that they offer protection against different industrial hazards and work a lot to keep legs and feet safe from harmful materials. Hard toed shoes are fitted with a metal plate in order to protect the fingers from any falling debris, while corrosion resistant shoes are perfect for using in the chemical industry. Depending on the proposed usage, these shoes can be made of different materials, the choice of which strictly depends upon their compatibility with the concerned industry. However, though these shoes can never be termed as fashionable or trendy but they work a lot to save the body or even life from external hazards.


The shoes used for industrial safety are uniquely designed so that they can extend the best possible service under different conditions. Some shoes are designed in such a way so that they can protect the whole lower leg portion and also the feet, while others are designed to protect the feet only where there is a lesser degree of hazard. However, in the chemical industry due to constant exposure to chemicals these shoes have a certain life and should be replaced after a specific period. Safety shoes are generally designed with a hard upper and a harder outer sole to protect the feet from all sides.

Nowadays, it is not hard to buy industrial safety shoes as there are a large number of companies that manufacture and distribute the Industrial Safety Shoes
all over the world. These shoes can also be custom built according to the needs of clients who can easily place an order over the internet for such shoes. Most of the manufacturers have their official websites where clients can get an idea about the products offered by them. However, it is always better to contact the company in person if clients have to make a bulk purchase.

Features of our :
  • Sturdy sole with excellent grip
  • Anti-puncture
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

If You want know more about our products, please visit us here: Industrial Safety Shoes
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Different kinds of Road Safety Devices

Road safety is a genuine concern especially when seen in light of the increasing number of vehicles as well as pedestrians on road. Over the last couple of decades the number of vehicles on road has increased in all corners of the world. This has posed a serious problem for traffic management authorities especially in urban agglomerations and in highways. Hence, Road Safety Devices have emerged to be utterly important as far as smooth and hazard-free movement of traffic is concerned.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are probably the most widely used road safety devices in the world. The universal standard of the red, green and orange lights are used to control and regulate the movement of both vehicles and pedestrians on the road. The use of traffic lights has drastically reduced the necessity of human intervention, thus making streets safer for both cars and pedestrians. However, it is important for both commuters as well as drivers to abide by the indications of the traffic lights in order to avoid accidents.

Traffic signs

Traffic signs play a very important role in road safety and need to be installed properly in order to help drivers understand what lies ahead. These signs tell drivers about what lies ahead so that they can regulate their speed according to the needs. Modern traffic signs are made of fluorescent materials so that drivers can get a perfect view even at the night. These signs are generally found on highways where drivers always need to be aware of what coming ahead.

Speed Retarders

Speed retarders are mainly used where there is a need of stopping the incoming vehicles or at least reducing their speed. These equipments are placed on the road especially in front of schools, hospitals and other places where large number of people gather. Speed retarders are generally marked with yellow stripes so that drivers can notice them from a distance and slow down their vehicle in order to avoid any disappointing incident.
Road Safety Devices are generally purchased by government and municipal bodies and so these products are generally procured through business contracts. However, there are a large number of companies who manufacture and supply these products to government and non-government bodies. Most of the manufacturers have their own official websites where they highlight the products offered by them. Buyers can easily go through these websites in order to get a clear idea of different kinds of road safety products.

Features of our Traffic Safety Devices:
  • Provided with bright reflecting colors
  • Easy to instal & durable
  • Sturdy by nature ogle+

If You want know more about our products, please visit us here: Road Safety Devices

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Various Types of Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories

The equipments which are used in extinguishing fires are known as Fire Fighting Equipment. Firefighters with the help of these equipments prevent loss or destruction of life, property and other objects of the environment. The firefighters are experts in general firefighting techniques and possess high technical skills. The firefighters with the support of the Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories help out the common people from fire breakouts and natural calamities with Super Safety Services. Some of these equipments include -  

Head protection

Different types of helmets have been used by firefighters as head protection since years. The helmets protect the rescuers from heat, falling objects and cinders. Traditionally leather was used to make these helmets but now the metals like aluminum, nickel and brass are used instead. The composite helmets are made of plastics or lightweight polymers. The modern structural helmets consist of a face shield which is attached to the front of the helmet and at the rear of the helmet there is a brim which is longer. These helmets are made of composite materials or thermoplastics which is much lighter than the traditional leather helmets. The modern helmet of a firefighter is the F1 helmet which provides protection against fires, impact and electricity. The F1 helmets are made of synthetic materials which are covered with galvanized nickel. These helmets are handmade and can include communication systems, masks and other accessories.  

Fire hose

A high pressure hose used for carrying fire retardants like water or foam to extinguish fires is known as a fire hose. The fire hose in the outdoors is attached to the fire hydrant or fire engine and in the indoors it is attached to the plumbing system or stand-pipes that are attached to the building. Formerly natural fiber like cotton was used to make fire hoses but the modern hoses are made of synthetic fiber like nylon filament or polyester. The synthetic fibers offer the hoses with the properties like abrasion resistance and additional strength. The fibers can be left in their natural tone or can be dyed with various colors. Synthetic rubbers are used to provide liners and coatings which offer resistance to temperature, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, mildew, mold and abrasion. For specific applications different liners and coatings are chosen for these hoses. The hoses are of various types which include attack hose, forestry hose, relay and supply hoses, suction hose and booster hose.  

Turntable ladder

Turntable ladders are specialized aerial apparatus which are used to capture fire occurring at a height. These are large telescopic ladders that are efficient to access great heights where the conventional ladders are unable to reach. The ladders is placed on the back of the truck chassis. These ladders are mounted on a turntable that offers with a stable base around a pivot and allows achieving great ladders length. These ladders are pneumatic or hydraulic and being telescopic these help in increasing length. These ladders offer a high level of water point for rescuing. The working platform offered by it is used for overhaul or ventilation. All types of equipments used to prevent fire are available online. Organizations interested can browse through the internet to directly avail these products from the manufacturers.

More About Our Products, Please Visit Us : Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Respiratory Protective Equipment

Visit us more about Respiratory Protective Equipment by Super safety services that help to protect your body.

Gas / Vapour Protection Half Mask  Dust / Fume Respirator  Fume Mask  Metti Cloth Mask

Pleated Mask  Emergency Oxygen Kits  Harness Belt  Elastic Cup Mask

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Eye Protection Goggles

Eyes, the beholder of beauty, are often exposed to different external harshness. Eyes are the important part of body. Hence, we should take care of our Eyes while working. Protection Goggles for Eyes are the equipments that we should use while working in some industrial applications. Best Eye Protection Goggles can be taken as a major shield against the external threat which poses a serious danger to the delicate eyes. The primary use of the eye protection goggles is to protect the retina from the harsh and harmful rays. Paying heed to its other uses, the other external threats like dust insects etc. are also tackled by these safety eyewears .Thus, it plays a vital role in protecting the eyes.

Several external factors actively and passively harm the delicate retina, which causes different kinds of eye problems in the longer run. It is possible to protect the eyes from these external agents with the help of goggles. Working in mines and drilling activities expose eyes to dust particles. These particles often become the reason for various eye problems like eye irritations and infections .Thus choosing a proper eyewear is mandatory for those who are working in mines and the factory units. Handling radioactive materials demands proper precautionary measure, especially for eyes. The laser treatment and other therapies which employ the use of rays, poses an acute threat to eyes, of both the patient and the one who handles it. Thus wearing a proper eyewear is a must in order to escape the harmful beta and alpha rays. Thus in an era of technological advancement, eyes are in need of goggles which fights back all external threats.

There are several types of Best Eye Protection Goggles for different industries. Some of these Goggles include: Furnace Goggles, Heat Resistance Goggles, Punk Type Goggles, Welding Goggles etc.
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Industrial Heat Protection Garments & Accessories

We offers high quality fire resistant Industrial Heat Protection Garments & Accessories. These items of heat protective garments are manufactured from, Aluminized Silica Fabric, Thermal Insulation Fabric, Moisture Barrier Lining & Fire Retardant Fabric Lining and Woolen Lining. Application: Ideal for its use where the high heat and radiant heat protection is required. Designs for short duration ambient heat 1500 oF (815 C), Radiant heat to 3000 oF (1650 C) and total flame 2000 oF (1093 C). All these garments are stitched using the superior quality 4 Ply Kevlar thread of DUPONT make, USA.

Head Protection Equipment

Visit Us for high quality Head Protection Equipment, we are largest suppliers & manufacturers of Head Protection Helmets from India 




Sunday, May 19, 2013

About Us


Super Safety Services, established in the year 1988, has since then grown consistently and has transformed into a fast-growing family-owned organization managed professionally but still retaining its family values of fairness in all transactions with its stakeholders. We have emerged as a leading manufacturer, dealer and exporter of a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Safety Equipment and other Safety Products, available under the brand name SOLE SAFE. We specialize in Industrial Heat Protective Garments and Accessories, Fall Protection Products and Industrial Safety Shower Systems.......more


We, at Super Safety Services, visualize our organization pursue the path of continuous improvement and evolution, through individual and collective excellence, as  a huge wealth-creator, highly respected and responsible corporate citizen offering a complete portfolio of Safety Products, Accessories, Systems, Solutions and allied Services to it's customers world-wide in a seamlessly integrated fashion by using latest technologies in combination with our broad knowledge-base and vast industry experience, ......

Mission for the decade (2011-2020)

Since inception in 1988, we have come a long way and have achieved commendable successes in various aspects of our business, and now, to continue as envisioned by our founders, we, at Super Safety Services, set forth an ambitious goal for ourselves of catapulting our company into a higher-growth trajectory towards achievement of another major milestone of earning.........

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