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Monday, June 17, 2013

Different kinds of Road Safety Devices

Road safety is a genuine concern especially when seen in light of the increasing number of vehicles as well as pedestrians on road. Over the last couple of decades the number of vehicles on road has increased in all corners of the world. This has posed a serious problem for traffic management authorities especially in urban agglomerations and in highways. Hence, Road Safety Devices have emerged to be utterly important as far as smooth and hazard-free movement of traffic is concerned.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are probably the most widely used road safety devices in the world. The universal standard of the red, green and orange lights are used to control and regulate the movement of both vehicles and pedestrians on the road. The use of traffic lights has drastically reduced the necessity of human intervention, thus making streets safer for both cars and pedestrians. However, it is important for both commuters as well as drivers to abide by the indications of the traffic lights in order to avoid accidents.

Traffic signs

Traffic signs play a very important role in road safety and need to be installed properly in order to help drivers understand what lies ahead. These signs tell drivers about what lies ahead so that they can regulate their speed according to the needs. Modern traffic signs are made of fluorescent materials so that drivers can get a perfect view even at the night. These signs are generally found on highways where drivers always need to be aware of what coming ahead.

Speed Retarders

Speed retarders are mainly used where there is a need of stopping the incoming vehicles or at least reducing their speed. These equipments are placed on the road especially in front of schools, hospitals and other places where large number of people gather. Speed retarders are generally marked with yellow stripes so that drivers can notice them from a distance and slow down their vehicle in order to avoid any disappointing incident.
Road Safety Devices are generally purchased by government and municipal bodies and so these products are generally procured through business contracts. However, there are a large number of companies who manufacture and supply these products to government and non-government bodies. Most of the manufacturers have their own official websites where they highlight the products offered by them. Buyers can easily go through these websites in order to get a clear idea of different kinds of road safety products.

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